Centennial Whistle Stop

The Vail Preservation Society and Vail were proud to host one of the Whistle Stops celebrating Arizona’s Centennial. The Engineer of engine 844 sent special Tweets to students at Acacia Elementary School who were following the engine’s...

Vail School

Clouds gather over the Rincon Mountains in this 1960s photograph of the Vail School.

1918 Map of Vail

Vail, as remembered by Leonard McCulloch who grew up near the railroad tracks. There is one building still standing from that time-can you locate it?

This Place Matters

These community members have just finished an adobe workshop to help stabilize the Old Vail Store & Post Office.

Last Mail by Rail pick up in Vail

As a child Miguel Escalante helped Vail Postmistress Mary Jane Warner with the postal mail bags at the Vail Store & Post Office. He and Engine 844 conductor wave goodbye to the crowd of 1,000 as he and Max Allen carry a mail bag filled with letters from students...

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