Arizona Stories Past and Present


One of the ponds from Hunt’s Bass Fish Hatchery, when Papago Park had “A Whole Lot of Fish”



Picnicking in Papago Park, where Hole-in-the-Rock allowed for beautiful views “As Through a Window”



“Freeboarding” in the Arizona Canal


Discover the stories around you…

Storying Arizona is a collection of stories that connect to the heart of what it means to be an Arizonan. Experiences are shaped by the landscape we choose to inhabit. Arizona’s broad expanses, cultural richness, extreme climate variations and unique flora and fauna provide a panoramic backdrop for the lives of Arizonans. Stories are a way to connect across geographic, ideological, generational, interests and politics. Stories touch our hearts and open our minds.

History is our collective story, one that we weave together. Storying Arizona is an online platform to celebrate epic accomplishments, personal struggles, corporate community sagas, scientific exploration, nature and natural processes, social justice, cultural understanding, politics and the business of life. Together, on Storying Arizona, we can ensure that no thread in Arizona’s tapestry, our story, goes unbound and untold. This is a place to celebrate every Arizona story past and present.

Support for Storying Arizona has been provided by Arizona Humanities and Arizona Historical Society Certified Institution Grant Program.

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