Tools we can use to inspire Vail’s future will be presented for the first time in Vail on July 19, 2014. What can you imagine along Vail’s main street? A park, safe walkways for students between Acacia Elementary and Old Vail Middle School, a town center that reflects the values of Vail and that will be an economic engine as well as provide a sense of place? Pima County will be completing promised road improvements to Colossal Cave Road soon. But what’s next? How can the past inspire the future? With active resident participation it can.

Working with the University of Arizona and the National Park Service, the Vail Preservation Society is proud to debut the Vail Preservation Plan. After input from our community is incorporated into the plan it will become a tool we can all utilize to work towards the future we envision for our community.

The July 19th meeting will also include a Main Street workshop presented by Mr. Jim McPherson, President of the Arizona Preservation Foundation and Ms. Lani Lott, Main Street and Downtown Alliance consultant. The Main Street program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation has proven itself over the past 30 years in cities, towns and communities across the nation. Historic preservation at its best facilitates open dialogue, empowers, and provides tools for communities and towns to celebrate their heritage, and repurpose historic buildings and sites to provide functional spaces that meet community needs and inspire the future. The Main Street program and Vail Preservation Plan can do just that-but only with your input and support.

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