Save Old Vail P.O. Office

Together, we will rekindle the heart of Vail

VailSMILE on amazonsmile & Shop for the 1908 Old Vail Post Office between March 12 and 31st.

If you aren’t already supporting Vail Preservation Society on your amazonsmile account, we invite you to change your support for two weeks. You can be part of saving Vail’s oldest building and re-establishing Vail’s historic district Between the Tracks!

Vail Preservation Society has a 50 year lease with the Vail Unified School District. All of the barriers that prevented anything but emergency stabilization have been removed. It is full steam ahead!  The first Community Adobe Workshop will be held on April 14, 2018.

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Vail's History

Vail – The Town Between the Tracks

Old Vail Post Office

Homesteaders, miners, wranglers and teamsters, they all crossed paths at the Vail Store and PO.

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Connecting community through local history.

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Shrine of Santa Rita

History of Santa Rita monograph Timeline

Where is Vail, Arizona?

Vail, Arizona

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