About Vail Preservation Society

Mission Statement

Connecting community through local history.

Vision Statement

The Vail Preservation Society endeavors to preserve and present the heritage and historic resources of the greater Vail area in ways that recognize, honor and interpret the rich diversity of our community’s shared past as the foundation for a strong future. We actively seek to engage community members of all ages in the work of historic preservation. We utilize our preservation efforts to provide educational opportunities that enrich community life.

About Vail Preservation Society

The Vail Preservation Society (VPS) began in late 2006 as a community action group to preserve the Old Vail Store & Post Office. In September 2007, the IRS recognized VPS as a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization. VPS participates in research, education, preservation of local stories through oral histories, saving and repurposing historic buildings, and outreach events that celebrate the history of Vail and honor its railroad and ranching roots.

VPS serves the greater Vail community, a largely rural area located southeast of Tucson. Our area of interest closely mirrors the Vail Unified School District borders: from the southern boundary of Saguaro National Park East south to the Santa Cruz County line, and from the Cochise County line west to Wilmot Road. Last year, our programs reached over half the residents of the rural Vail community, with 112 volunteers investing more than 4,670 hours to support our education, outreach and preservation efforts. We also support the historic preservation and education efforts of other regional organizations like the Vail Unified School District, Southern Arizona Transportation Museum, Santa Rita Foothills Association, Empire-Fagin Coalition, Postal History Foundation, Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, Vail Community Action Board, Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum, Empire Ranch Foundation, Cienega Watershed Partnership and Santa Cruz Heritage Alliance.


vailpreservationsociety@gmail.com                    520-419-4428                 Vail Preservation Society, P.O. 982, Vail, AZ  85641


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